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everyone. a very boisterous crowd. everyone if i could call your attention to this side of the room. we don't usually get this kind of animated crowd for books about education. i am executive vice president of the new america foundation. if you haven't been yet this is new america nyc a place for storytelling and bringing policy stories alive and the think-tank of policy institute in washington called the new america foundation that works across of range of issues everything from health care to education foreign-policy technology policy and that's just the broadest rights. what we really are is an idea factory and a house and home for some of the most amazing talent out there. we are really lucky to have amanda with her book tonight. amanda is a fellow at the new america foundation one of the best examples that are moderator also is a former fellow of the new america foundation and both of you will be submitting your applications at the end of the night and we will look in the next fault this time for your fellowship of the new america foundation. you're in for a real treat. i want to hand
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1